On Dressing Up For Work


I love playing dress up. 

Always have, always will. In case my earlier never-wear-the-same-outfit-twice confession didn’t get that point across clearly enough. 

That isn’t to say that I love fashion; while it’s fun, I don’t care too much about Fashion Week or the runways or designers. What I enjoy is getting dolled up, doing my hair, and pulling on something that makes me feel pretty. The days where I feel extra depressed or angry, I may even throw on the old falsies (lashes, people…though let’s be real, the power of a push up bra is also a many splendored thing). I don’t mean that I’m ‘high maintenance’ or fussy – there’s just little that will work as well to pull me out of a funk as some lipstick and a nice dress. There’s something powerful in the decision to pull yourself together physically that tends to (in my case) pull the rest of me along with it. 

I particularly feel this way when I’m going to work. I’ve read all the clickbait articles (thanks for the email forwards, MOM) that ‘prove’ that waitresses or bartenders make x% more money wearing make-up vs. not, or wearing a skirt vs. not, or I don’t know, having hair vs. not. While they are for the most part less than scientific studies (that always seem to point back to The Daily Mail) in my experience they do hold some truth. Not so much due to appearance, but due to how wearing make-up (or a power suit or a high bun or whatever) makes you feel. No one puts on make-up because they feel coerced. Sure at times it’s annoying or takes time and energy I’d rather spend on something else, but no more so than putting on socks because it’s cold, or sunscreen because DUH (always wear sunscreen please). 

To me, it’s the same as a super fan wearing their football jersey the same way every game to prevent his or her team from losing. Obviously there’s no tangible reason why it would effect the outcome of the game, but wearing it gives the fan a little bit of agency, a feeling that they can control their destiny (or that of their team). In my case, dressing up makes me feel like I have taken significant steps to make my day better. Whether that translates into tips or not is anyone’s guess, but it rarely hurts them. 


off to the salt mines, 



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