“I hate writing, I love having written.” – Dorothy Parker


As a rabid fan of Ms. Parker, I would (and do!) agree with most of the things she has said. Her martini advice for example has proven itself to be true one too many times (even though there’s a debate whether she actually said it) and in high school I may or may not have tried to form a theater competition piece based on her Hate Songs, which I highly recommend. They may have been a bit outdated and difficult to grasp for my fellow 16 year olds, but re-reading them now ten years later (yikes!) is a real treat.

ANYWAY, when I found the above quote whilst searching for blog name inspiration, it was like a little nudge from dear old Dot.

You see, all my life, I too have enjoyed the accomplishment of writing, of getting my thoughts down on the page, neat and orderly, perfectly organized and clearly stated. BUT I HATED THE ACTIVITY OF WRITING. Due to the potent combination of poor penmanship in elementary school (shout out to Mrs. Pavalak) and an innate fear of anyone reading my deepest thoughts (it’s possible that baby Sarah reeeally misinterpreted the point of The Diary of Anne Frank), I never enjoyed it. I also must admit that I enjoyed the good grades, the awards, the attention that came from writing…but never enough to keep it up.


Thus, here’s my blog. There’s no over all theme, other than things I want to write about. My goal is to make myself write at least one post a day for an entire year (ambitious, much?) if for no other reason than to break this absurd aversion to writing.

Because let’s be real: penmanship doesn’t matter to the internet. 

So raise a martini (two at most) to my contribution to the blogophere: Studies From a Broad.





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